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s: official05-17-◆2017 06:55 BJTCh●ina's telecom g◆iant Huawei wou●ld help Bulgari■a to become a lea●der in IT servi○ces in the Eur◆opean Union (E○U), said Guo Ping■, the company's ●rotating and a〓cting CEO said on Tu■esday.Next year, Bul〓garia will take ove●r the Presidenc■y of the Council o〓f the EU, ○and furthermore, th◆e country ha◆s been selected ◆as one of the tw〓o pilot cou○ntries for the EU'●s e-government i○nitiative, G●uo said at● the opening ◆ceremony of a n◆ational summit ●on cloud co●mputing."In● this context〓, our mission 〓is to ensure 〓that Bulgaria wil■l become a leader of■ the EU in this area●," Guo said.Hua●wei was also commit○ted to support〓ing Bulgaria i●n its strateg■ic efforts■ to become a r●egional clo〓ud hub, Guo said. ◆"This will prov●ide a huge boost to● the local IT indus●try and also give■ EU companies a

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cc●ess to the 〓highest quali◆ty cloud servic■es," Guo said.◆Speaking about this■ particular● event, jointly orga●nized with the Co○nfederation of○ Employers 〓and Industrialists ◆in Bulgaria and t◆he national tel○ecom giant Vivac〓om, Guo said it w◆ould help to explo●re the fut●ure of cloud s●ervices and how ●the cloud c

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in ■turn that inform◆ation and co○mmunication t◆echnologies ●and outsou〓rcing have ○been among the lea◆ding sectors f■or attracting in●vestments in his◆ country.Since 201●3, investment proje◆cts worth over 1.04●9 billion U.S. ●dollars have ●been implement◆ed in thes■e areas, and o○ver 7,400 j○obs have been crea〓ted, Karanikol■ov said.The prese●nce in Bulgari●a of such a ●global company li○ke Huawei, spoke wel■l for th

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